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Using Research to Inform

Using Research to Inform

Categories: Stories of Giving

Long-time MossRehab and Einstein champions, Marc and Nancy Shrier.

For Nancy and Marc Shrier the connection to MossRehab and Einstein is familial and it is strong.

Nancy’s father, Larry Wachtel, was a member of the original Willowcrest Board of Directors. Her brother, Louis Rosenthal, served for many years on the Einstein Board of Directors and her stepmother, Hilda Wachtel, was a long-time member of the Friends of MossRehab. Nancy, herself, began her involvement as a candy striper at Willowcrest at age 16.

Currently, as a member and former Chair of the MossRehab Advisory Board, Nancy has dedicated countless hours in support of programs benefitting both MossRehab and the network. Both Nancy and Marc’s children, Lee and Peter, were born at Einstein and they both most recently served as Co-Chairs of Einstein’s 150th Anniversary Committee.

Together, Nancy and Marc have expanded the family legacy of support and become major champions of the life-changing care being delivered at MossRehab. Some of their enthusiastic advocacy comes from being satisfied customers themselves. As Marc explains, “I have undergone three joint replacements over an eight-year period and each time completed my rehabilitation at MossRehab. You can say I am a very satisfied customer.”

So, while the Shriers can attest to the outstanding care provided to patients at MossRehab, they can also testify to the transformative work being done at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI). For the last twelve years, Nancy has immersed herself in learning and understanding the innovative research and pioneering rehabilitation technologies currently in process at the MRRI designed to enhance the care delivered to MossRehab patients. “

Both Marc and I are fascinated by the research being undertaken at the MRRI,” reports Nancy. “The work they conduct keeps raising the bar as to how rehabilitation is delivered. Their focus on the physical and cognitive science of rehabilitation makes them a leader in the field and they truly are helping to change the lives of people who have experienced some very significant and life-altering injury or illness.”

Marc and Nancy Shrier attended the most recent installment of the Shrier Family Topics in Rehabilitation Science Lecture Series with (far right) John Whyte, MD, PhD, founding Director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) to hear guest speaker Steve Jax, PhD, Institute Scientist, MRRI.

Marrying their desire to support the research efforts of MossRehab and their interest in ongoing education, the Shriers made a generous gift in support of a program which combines both. The Shrier Family Topics in Rehabilitation Science Lecture Series enables the MRRI to better support its staff by creating and funding opportunities to expand both internal and external research education. Additionally, it provides resources to support engaging guest lecturers from other leading research organizations, in addition to MossRehab clinicians.

Working with John Whyte, MD, PhD, founding Director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI), the Shriers are supporting Einstein’s goal of providing the most advanced therapy and technology to help patients overcome physical disabilities and get back to the business of life.

“Both Nancy and Marc are engaged and active participants in the work of the MRRI. I know they gave this careful consideration and I am so personally gratified in their support of our work and their
belief in what is possible for patients who have experienced significant disability,” says Dr. Whyte. “The Shrier Research Lecture Series provides the opportunity to promote discussion and disseminate research to share the latest research and directly inform and impact patient care.”

These lectures are presented by MRRI scientists as well as scientists from other leading research organizations to MossRehab clinicians including physicians, therapists, psychologists, nurses and social workers, allowing for the latest research to directly inform and impact patient care. In addition to the lecture series, MRRI scientists travel throughout the world participating in top research conferences, often as speakers.

Steve Jax, PhD, discusses results of a clinical trial of treatment response for patients with neurological/cognitive impairment.

“Our research impacts the work of scientists worldwide and occupies a unique position within a translational pipeline from basic neuroscience to clinical neuroscience and neurorehabilitation,”explains Dr. Whyte. “The gift from Nancy and Marc have helped make it possible for us to share our work not only on a local level amongst ourselves, but internationally. Through collaboration we are able to share progress and build on successes to benefit patients around the world and at home.”“I liken MossRehab to an onion,” says Marc. “There are many layers and the more you peel back, the more you are drawn into the work and you become more impressed. I can’t think of a better place to invest and see the best possible return in what they accomplish on behalf of their patients and their families.”

Nancy explains, “They just keep moving to another level. It is just amazing and humbling to play a small role in all they are doing and contribute to the forward momentum.”