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A Better Start

Under the direction of Kineret Shakow, EdD, A Better Start, the preventive health education component of the Women & Children's Service Line at AEMC, received a grant from the School District of Philadelphia to provide nutrition education to 27,000 low income children (K-8) at 32 local elementary schools.  The school district’s EAT.RIGHT.NOW program is funded through Pennsylvania State University’s PA Nutrition Education Tracks program. 

Aphasia Center at MossRehab

MossRehab Aphasia Center, founded in 1996, was developed to meet the long-term communication and psychosocial needs of individuals who have been affected by aphasia, a communication disorder that can affect speaking, reading, writing, and understanding language.  Designed to be a warm and welcoming place where people can find information and peer support, as well as participate in on-going research and treatment, the Aphasia Center provides focused and meaningful intervention at strategic points in their recovery process. Read our VOMAC Voices Newsletters here.

BBH School-Based Social Services

Through a competitive grant from the School District of Philadelphia, the School-Based Social Services program places 11 clinicians from Belmont Behavioral Health (BBH) in 28 schools throughout lower Northeast Philadelphia. According to the Surgeon General's Report on Behavioral Health, it is estimated that one in five children will experience a significant behavioral health problem during his or her school age years. However, it is also estimated that 70 percent of children who need behavioral healthcare, do not receive it. Behavioral health does not just mean having an illness, according to the National Mental Health and Education Center, it means having the skills and abilities necessary to handle challenges in life. Behavioral health advocates have emphasized that behavioral health is just as important as physical health in its impact on development and learning.

FUN (Families Understanding Nutrition) 

Einstein also received a grant from the Pennsylvania State University to support FUN (Families Understanding Nutrition) through September 2010. FUN provides nutrition education to low income families with pre-school children. FUN targets working poor households with children aged 3-5 and is provided in collaboration with 15 area daycare centers and 540 head start and pre-school classes under the School District of Philadelphia, Office of Early Childhood Education. Providing families with education and skills to make healthy eating choices is the goal of FUN.

NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP)

The AEMC Cancer Center, through a competitive grant process, has been chosen as one of 14 sites nationwide to participate in the expansion phase of the National Cancer Institute’s pilot program, NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP). There are currently eight free-standing hospitals and two health care systems participating in the first phase of the pilot. This new phase will bring the total number of sites to 30 hospitals. The goal of this pilot, launched in 2007, is to bring science, early phase clinical research and evidence-based therapies to a larger base of cancer patients in their home communities. There are 63 NCI designated cancer research universities in the United States, yet 85 percent of cancer care is delivered at other institutions.  This program seeks to bridge that gap and link community and teaching hospitals to all of the valuable resources of NCI Centers.

AEMC’s selection as a NCCCP site gives our network the opportunity to help shape the way cancer healthcare is delivered to underserved populations across the country. Our participation in this cancer consortium gives us entry into a national cancer framework and will help form recommendations to develop a nationwide community cancer network within the NCI. Most importantly, it will give our patients access to cutting-edge clinical trials, research and enhanced linkages with NCI Cancer Centers.

Women in Need (WIN)

The Women in Need (WIN) program, located in the Marion Louise Saltzman Women’s Center has been selected for the eighth consecutive year to receive a grant from the Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Inc. Under the direction of Lisa Jablon, MD, FACS, the WIN program will use the 2010-2011 grant award to continue meeting the needs of uninsured women in our community who have identified breast problems by allowing them to get expedient diagnostic care despite their limited financial resources.

Participants in the WIN program are provided a continuum of breast care, starting with a complete examination, mammography review and additional diagnostic testing such as ultrasound, biopsy or additional mammography. Financial counselors provide on-site education and assistance in helping the women obtain health insurance for themselves and their families. WIN representatives also participate in events in the community and provide education on breast health, offer information on the availability of services through the WIN program as well as other breast health programs in the area, and direct participants to screening services.

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