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A Chance Encounter

The Kimmels are hopeful they’ve planted the seeds in their children for a
multi-generational legacy


Wayne and Kimby KimmelTen years ago, entrepreneur Wayne Kimmel, who grew up in Delaware, did not know  Einstein Healthcare Network.  In fact, his now decade-long association with Einstein began merely by happenstance.  

“It all happened by chance,” relates Kimmel, managing partner of SeventySix Capital.  “I was at an event and there were representatives from Einstein at my table.  We started talking and I was fascinated to learn that there was a Jewish hospital in Philadelphia.”

As the conversation continued, Kimmel was eager to learn more about Einstein, its mission and its dedication to serving the community.  Before the end of the night, Kimmel was hooked. 

“When I got home I shared this conversation with my wife, Kimby, about becoming involved with Einstein and she was completely supportive.  To my surprise, she told me she was born at Einstein [Medical Center Philadelphia] and her grandfather had been a physician at the hospital.  I had no idea,” recalls Kimmel. The best part of the story, says Kimmel, is the Einstein team was accidentally sitting at the wrong table that night. 

Kimmel’s involvement with Einstein quickly grew.  After joining the Small Miracles Golf Tournament Committee in 2004, Kimmel was rapidly recruited to Einstein’s Board of Trustees.  For the last three years, he has served as Chairperson of the Development Committee of the Board, assisting Einstein to forward its strategic philanthropic goals, including The Einstein Campaign. 

The Einstein Campaign, which launched four years ago, is the largest fundraising effort in the network’s history. Even with the national recession and the uncertainty of healthcare reform, Kimmel believed that the $150 million (initially $100 million) target was not too ambitious and he was always confident that with the leadership of Campaign co-chairpersons Richard and Betsy Sheerr and the management team this was the right move.

“Einstein has incredible physicians. We win all sorts of awards. We do amazing and innovative things throughout the network on a daily basis. People see this and they want to be associated with a winner. They want to be on a winning team,” states Kimmel. 

Like his fellow Board members, Kimmel felt Einstein was ready to take a bold step forward.

“It was the right time for us to step up and do something many other people didn’t think was possible,” says Kimmel of the Campaign.  “It was time for us to prove to ourselves and to the community that the work we do is important to us and important to others.” 

Already 80 percent towards the Campaign goal, Kimmel fully expects to surpass the target when it closes on June 30, 2016. 

Kimmel and his fellow leaders are proud of the Campaign’s progress. 

“We’re exceeding expectations and as Board members it should make us really proud,” he says. 

One of Einstein’s most compelling features, Kimmel believes, is its almost 150 year-old commitment to caring for all those in need. 

“We are here to serve the community and that is something Einstein will never give up," he says. "It makes Einstein special.” 

Kimmel and his wife invest a great deal of their personal time with Einstein, so much so Kimmel’s children thought he was a doctor when they were younger because he was always “going to meetings at the hospital.”  But both feel the lessons they are teaching their children by demonstrating their deep care for others, through their actions, is the most important reason for being involved.

“When our children saw 12,000 people come out on Community Day to see the opening of Einstein Montgomery, they understood how important the hospital was to so many people,” adds Kimmel. “To truly understand at such a young age, helping others is extremely important to us, that is something we are truly proud of as parents.”

The Kimmels are hopeful they’ve planted the seeds in their children for a multi-generational legacy with Einstein. 

“We have a responsibility to help others.  Regardless of your own situation, there is always someone in need you can help in some way.”

Interested in giving to the Einstein Campaign? Learn more about this initiative and how you can contribute. 

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