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A Tradition of Caring Unbroken

Long-time supporters of Montgomery Hospital, Nick and Athena Karabots now join with Einstein to impact community health and wellness.


Karabots with executivesFamily and community. For Nick and Athena Karabots, the two are equally important and forever intertwined. Together, Nick and Athena have made it their life work to not only raise and care for their own family, but also to extend their arms and embrace communities and individuals in need of support as if they were their own.

Through the Karabots Foundation, Nick and Athena have worked tirelessly to assist institutions whose programs serve both the young and elderly in disadvantaged communities throughout the greater Philadelphia region and across the United States. As long-time residents of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, the Karabots have always taken a keen interest in Norristown and its surrounding communities. That interest, and the desire to ensure easily accessible healthcare services are available in the heart of the community, is cornerstone to a new partnership between the Karabots and Einstein Healthcare Network.

“The Karabots and Einstein share a vision for the future of Norristown,” explains Barry R. Freedman, president and CEO of Einstein Healthcare Network. “We are very fortunate to work with them to enhance and expand healthcare services in Norristown and its surrounding communities for any and all in need.”

Through a generous gift of $7.5 million from the Karabots Foundation, Einstein will renovate and upgrade what was previously known as the Physician Office Building at 1330 Powell Street. Now to be known as the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Medical Building, this building has long been the heart of outpatient medical services in Norristown and serves as an integral part of Einstein’s plans to improve primary care access for residents of central Montgomery County.

“Nick and Athena are donors who seek to empower communities and individuals,” observes Einstein Medical Center Montgomery’s Chief Operating Officer, Beth Duffy. “This building is more than just about providing care. It will serve as the base for Einstein’s community healthcare outreach, education and prevention services. Here, residents will be given the tools they need to make informed decisions about their own healthcare needs and the needs of their families.”

Additionally, the Diagnostic Testing Center at Einstein Montgomery will, given its significant tie to the Physician Office Building and the services provided at the Powell Street location, also bear the Karabots name. The Nicholas and Athena Karabots Diagnostic Center joins the already dedicated Karabots Center for Radiation Oncology located in the Minerva D. Braemer Medical Arts Building on the Einstein Montgomery campus.

Donors commit to the organizations they support in many different ways by sharing time, talent or treasure. Nick and Athena do all three. With an attitude akin to “rolling up your sleeves,” they dive into funded projects working collaboratively with institutions to develop a shared vision for a making difference. Whether providing mentoring, academic and social support to students by offering a head start on healthcare careers through the Karabots Junior Fellows Program at The College of Physicians, improving community access at the William Jeanes Memorial Library, or transforming science and technology education at The Franklin Institute, Nick and Athena have a passion for developing projects whose impact will be both immediate and long lasting.

Growing up in the South Bronx in the 1940s, Nick became well acquainted with Lincoln Hospital and appreciated the support and care it offered the community.

“Trust was hard-earned in the South Bronx in those days,” recalls Nick. “But the hospital was always a place where everyone was treated the same no matter what street you were from or your nationality. We looked to the hospital as a place of safety and sanctuary. I have not forgotten that and believe every community should have a place where care is unconditional.”

It is the experiences of the humble beginnings of his youth that have driven Nick’s success. This, combined with his natural tenacity and strength of character, has shaped the man he is today. A man, who with Athena at his side, worked hard to change his life and now, together, they work diligently to share their good fortune to help improve life for others.

For Athena, the Karabots’ partnership with Einstein is about extending a helping hand. “We are all obligated to assist, encourage and inspire. Good health is essential if families and communities are to grow and flourish,” she states. “We are grateful to Einstein and their dedication to community health and very pleased to partner with them to help break down barriers that prevent people from seeking needed care.”

For Nick and Athena, the work happening at the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Medical Building, both inside and out, is more than just a name change.

“Both Nick and Athena have eagerly and actively participated in the planning of the building renovations which are designed to expand the services provided at the facility,” reports Beth. “Any entity can enhance a building. But strengthened by the Karabots’ commitment, this facility will transform healthcare in the community.”

“This is not just a matter of taking care of people physically, but making sure that your facility matches the need,” insists Nick. “Einstein is developing a building that meets the needs of the community where they need to be met.”

The Karabots Foundation announced its new multi-faceted partnership with Einstein on May 21, 2014. Among the many attendees were the care providers who will soon be able to expand services in the newly renovated building space. Healthcare services currently offered in the building continue to operate during the construction process.

“We are tremendously grateful to Nick and Athena for choosing to partner with Einstein Healthcare Network,” says Einstein’s Barry Freedman. “Working together, we will be able to more fully live the Einstein Mission to provide exceptional healthcare for as many as we can reach.”

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