If you found out you had breast cancer, the first thing you'd probably want to do - after the initial shock wore off - is find out every single bit of information you could get your hands on. The Internet is a valuable resource, but it is also full of mistakes and misinformation.

The Breast Cancer Action Group (BCAG) at Einstein Healthcare Network offers education on breast health, supports families of breast cancer patients, and advocates for patient rights.

Under the umbrella of the Auxiliary at Einstein, the 15-year-old volunteer group also holds a symposium every spring, where attendees can hear from some who have been there. "The breast surgeons select three patients who have a special story to tell to uplift and energize the group," says Ronnie Somers, Past President of The Auxiliary.

BCAG gave Einstein a step-up on the technological side of breast cancer treatment by donating a mammotome - equipment that allows doctors to do non-surgical biopsies more accurately. This is especially beneficial to patients because it allows biopsies to be performed under local anesthesia with minimal scarring and quicker recovery time. Einstein was the first medical center in the region to acquire this technology.

The group also donates money to the Women in Need (WIN) Program, a breast cancer treatment program for women who have little or no health insurance. BCAG provides support in other ways too, like purchasing wigs for cancer patients who otherwise couldn't afford them. "Losing hair is very emotional for women," explains Dr. Lisa Jablon, breast surgeon and WIN Project Director. "Having an attractive wig can boost a woman's self-image and lift her spirit...and a healthy mind and spirit are important during recovery."

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