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Giving back is the guiding principle that has shaped the Levitties family's approach to philanthropy across several generations.

LevittiesFor almost as long as he could remember, Marvin Levitties recalls his parents, Samuel and Rose, being actively committed to Einstein. In fact, their involvement began even before Einstein was Einstein; they donated generously to the Jewish Hospital and the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center which would later become Belmont Behavioral Health.

Influenced by his parents' example, Marvin grew up knowing that giving back would be an essential part of his values. Without fanfare, he and his late wife Jean were active in numerous causes. This included contributing time, money and enthusiasm to continue his parents' legacy of supporting Einstein's behavioral health studies.

Over the years, Marvin served on the Belmont Behavioral Health Board and on Einsteins' Board of Trustees. His work on various committees raised significant fund that advanced Einstein's mission. Perhaps his most significant contribution was the gift of his home.

"I always planned to make a lasting financial gift to Einstein," says Marvin. "A number of years ago when the opportunity presented itself, I set up a Retained Life Estate and donated my home to Einstein." Through the Retained Life Estate, Marvin continues to live in the family home in Merion for as long as he chooses, then Einstein can sell the property and keep the proceeds as Marvin's contribution.

"The Retained Life Estate was an ideal mechanism for my father to make a significant contribution to Einstein," says his son Matthew, the third generation of Levitties to actively support Einstein's mission.

Matthew, a Director at a Philadelphia-based private equity firm, is following in his parents' and grandparents' footsteps, serving on the Einstein Board of Trustees as well as several committees. "One of the things that makes Einstein unique is its long history of intergenerational family relationships. It isn't unusual to find two or three generations with strong ties to the hospital and passion for the institution and its mission."

Although his own sons are still young, Matthew is already instilling by example the importance of giving back. "I learned by observing my parents' actions and how they chose to invest their time and money. My mother and father both led by their example of volunteering and fundraising for causes in which they believed. Now, when I leave for an early morning meeting at Einstein, my sons understand that it is a commitment that I am making not just of my own time, but on behalf of our family."

From Samuel and Rose to Marvin and Jean to Matthew and his wife Anja, generations of the Levitties family have made many contributions to Einstein - gifts of their time, gifts of their service, and planned gifts that will have a lasting impact on generations of people who will continue to rely on Einstein for the outstanding healthcare it provides.

Planned Gifts:
A Financial Planning Tool

A planned gift can be a sound investment that provides resounding benefits. Gift Annuities, Charitable Trusts, the use of appreciated assets or somple bequests can help assure Einstein's future while providing options that can help reduce your estate tax, generate increased personal revenue or provide for your future as well as Einstein's.

Financial and legal counsel can provide details about how you can use your assets to set up a Retained Life Estate, Charitable Remainder Trust, or other planned gift.

Click here for more information about your planned giving options and Einstein's Legacy Circle.

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