Marion-Louise Saltzman Women’s Center

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The Marion-Louise Saltzman Women’s Center is a place where experts in women’s physical and emotional needs care for women. We are dedicated to optimizing your health by detecting and diagnosing health issues early. We not only treat women, we also educate them about their bodies and empower them to make decisions about their care.

We offer a complete range of healthcare services for women of all ages. Our team of physicians, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals provide expert care for women’s general health, as well as specific health-related conditions.


Phone: 215-254-2700

Located at Albert Einstein Medical Center
5501 Old York Road, Philadelphia, PA. 19141

The Women's Center offers patients a beautiful facility with affordable valet parking and easy access to public transportation.


Special Services

The Marion-Louise Saltzman Women’s Center offers a wide range of healthcare services including:

Breast health/cancer




      Albert Einstein Medical Center Takes the Lead in Offering New Ultrasound Screening to Detect Breast Cancer 

      Einstein Mammography Goes All Digital

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Women’s Wellness Plus

Breast Cancer Action Group

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