Affordable Care Act of 2010 Highlights

  • prohibiting insurers from discriminating against individuals of any age because of pre-existing conditions;
  • forcing insurers to allow young adults up to age 26 to remain on a parent’s health insurance policy when they cannot get coverage on their own;
  • providing access to affordable healthcare coverage that may not be taken away from them due to an illness or injury;
  • providing Small Business Health Care Tax Credits to make coverage for their employees more affordable;
  • enhancing the ability of states to protect consumers from unreasonable premium hikes by insurers;
  • enacting a new Patient’s Bill of Rights that has helped put people and their doctors back in charge of their care;
  • strengthening Medicare with new benefits, new protections, and improved financial solvency for an additional 12 years;
  • fixing the Medicare prescription drug coverage “donut hole”; and,
  • investing in preventive and primary care to make sure patients have access to the doctors, hospitals and clinics they need.
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