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Einstein Victor Center

The mission of the Einstein Victor Center is to prevent life-threatening genetic diseases through preconception genetic screening, education, and counseling of individuals and couples with Jewish ancestry. The aim of our advocacy, partnerships and outreach is to expand access to services, to promote screening and counseling as standard practice among healthcare providers, and to educate adults of childbearing age.

Why Einstein Victor Center

1 in 2 of Jewish decent are at risk of being a carrier for preventable Jewish genetic disease. If both parents are carries of a mutation in the same disease gene, there’s a 25 percent chance with each pregnancy of having a child affected by that disease, and a 50 percent chance of having a child who is a carrier for the same disease. If both parents are carriers of a mutation in different disease genes, there’s no increased risk a child will be affected with either disease, but the child could be a carrier for either disease or both.

The Einstein Victor Center provides the education, counseling, and access to screenings that are necessary for families to make informed health decisions about their future.

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