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Healthy is Beautiful

Healthy is Beautiful

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Hair salons have always been a part of my life because I grew up in a family of stylists. As I began on my career path, I studied community health and the barriers to healthy behaviors. The more I learned the more I wondered, how can we take advantage of the salon environment and conversations going on there to provide health education? My knowledge of the personal beauty industry provided me with a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience of women when they actually have time to think about themselves.

Funded by the Albert Einstein Society, the Healthy Beauty Connections program brings health education to beauty salons in Philadelphia’s urban core through health literature, health fairs, and one-on-one counseling. We’re making health education easy and accessible by meeting women where they already are.
You don’t usually think you’re saving lives when you go out in the community and talk to people. It’s great to know that, thanks to the Society, there are other ways of saving lives besides being in direct patient care.

I’m proud to be part of the Society’s 40-plus years of service and Einstein’s 150-year legacy. I am Einstein.

Anjelica Sanders, MD HEd., CHES, is the Program Coordinator for A Better Start at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia.