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‘Living with a spinal cord injury’ Videos


A Gift of Shared EXPERIENCE

Barbara and David S. Loeb’s gift to Einstein will help many lives throughout the community. The creation of the ‘Living with a Spinal Cord Injury’ videos ‘will not only give [SCI patients] the knowledge to do what providers and therapists do, but they will also be able to do it themselves.’

It is gifts like these that have everlasting impacts for current, past and future patients. 

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“As providers of service, we impart education and help individuals with SCI develop necessary life skills, but we can’t completely understand their emotional state, or their view of the future.” - Marni Nutkowitz, PsyD, SCI Neuropsychologist at MossRehab

Why be a Grateful Patient

The educational videos add yet another dimension to the daily education provided to patients and families during rehabilitation. Facing the challenges ahead is no easy task, but these videos can help a person with SCI feel they are not alone and can live a wonderful life.

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A gift to the Circle of Caring program is a meaningful way to say thanks. It also serves as a personal acknowledgement of your caregiver and supports continued excellence for future patients, which may help save a life.

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