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Safety Coordinator


Safety Coordinator

I learned about the Albert Einstein Society years ago when I worked in the Office of Development. The Society allows staff across the network to use their creativity and their expertise to bring new ideas to life. It is amazing.

Opportunities offered by the Society inspires people, makes them think outside the box. The impact is tenfold: you’re seeing patients and the community benefit from the programs funded, and you’re watching staff see their dreams and ideas come to fruition.

At Einstein, when people do something new and positive they are embraced, and the Society does the same thing. They help me embrace the creativity and innovative ideas of my colleagues.

We’re not only giving to the Society, but we’re giving back to our fellow employees. It’s happening in more ways than one. I’m proud of where I work, and I’m proud to be part of the Society.

Together, donors like me are making a difference. I am Einstein.

Linda Lostracco is the Safety Coordinator for Einstein Healthcare Network.

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