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Medical Oncologist


Medical Oncologist

When Einstein Medical Center Montgomery opened in 2012, I left private practice to become a full-time physician at Einstein. I also became a member of the Albert Einstein Society.

The Society feeds, funds, and nurtures ideas that are important to patient care. I know the donation I make is making a difference. At other institutions, people may have great ideas for research or new programs but nowhere to go for funding. This is what makes Einstein unique.

As part of the Society’s Physician Leadership, I’m now reaching out to all medical staff at Einstein Montgomery and encouraging them to not only donate but to submit their ideas for funding.

That’s the spirit of both the Society and Einstein. We’re a team of people working together— physicians, nurses, and the entire healthcare staff—putting forth research and ideas that help our community.

Together, donors like me are making a difference. I am Einstein.

Bill Biermann, MD, is a Medical Oncologist at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.

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