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Genius Supporters

These are the people who help make it happen. Whether they give six figures or a dollar per pay period, these are the real heroes of the Albert Einstein Society.

Meet Our Supporters


As an Albert Einstein Society donor and member of the Society’s INNOVATIVE PROGRAM ALLOCATION COMMITTEE, I participate in grant application review meetings for which innovative programs are funded. It’s interesting to see the ideas my colleagues have and to be able to support them within the network.

It’s important to give back to the institution, which is why I donate to the Society. I support the opportunities the Society offers my healthcare colleagues across the network by helping to realize their great ideas for improving patient care.

When you donate to the Society, you know how your money is allocated. It’s not like donating to an organization outside of the network where you’re not sure how the money is used. Everything stays here and provides better tools for staff to care for patients.

Together, donors like me are making a difference. I am Einstein.

Robert Czincila, DO, FACEP, is the Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine for Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.



I learned about the Albert Einstein Society years ago when I worked in the Office of Development. The Society allows staff across the network to use their creativity and their expertise to bring new ideas to life. It is amazing.

Opportunities offered by the Society inspires people, makes them think outside the box. The impact is tenfold: you’re seeing patients and the community benefit from the programs funded, and you’re watching staff see their dreams and ideas come to fruition.

At Einstein, when people do something new and positive they are embraced, and the Society does the same thing. They help me embrace the creativity and innovative ideas of my colleagues.

We’re not only giving to the Society, but we’re giving back to our fellow employees. It’s happening in more ways than one. I’m proud of where I work, and I’m proud to be part of the Society.

Together, donors like me are making a difference. I am Einstein.

Linda Lostracco is the Safety Coordinator for Einstein Healthcare Network.



I donate to the Albert Einstein Society because it awards grants with a good philosophy. The money pioneers different programs to help the hospital become more efficient, or to enhance the quality and safety of the care our patients receive.

The Albert Einstein Society serves a two-fold purpose—we conceive innovative ideas, while the patients we serve benefit.

Any monetary amount you can afford to donate will benefit some process, some program at Einstein. We can’t assume we’ll receive the funds from somewhere else, or that the hospital is making money and has endless funds.

We need this type of philanthropy, and the ability to recognize we can make a difference.

Together, donors like me are making a difference. I am Einstein.

Tom Gaylets is the Assistant Vice President of the Interventional Platform at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.