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Research Grants

Research Grants

Apply for a Research Grant
The Albert Einstein Society provides grants of up to $35,000 to stimulate both clinical and basic research at Einstein Healthcare Network.

Proposals are accepted January 1 (pre-application by October 1) and July 1 (pre-application by April 1) each year.

Please be aware, proposals will need to be submitted to Einstein’s IRB/IACUC committee within 30 days of submission to AES Research Committee. AES funding is contingent upon receiving IRB approval.

What Types of Research Are Funded?

  • Seed Money – to produce preliminary data that can justify submitting future grant proposals to other foundations or the government.
  • Bridge Funding – to support an ongoing project that was recently extramurally funded and is awaiting a decision for continuation funding.

What If I Get the Grant?
You will submit a three-month project report as well as a status report at the end of one year when the project is completed.