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Innovative Program Grants


Apply for an Innovative Program Grant

The Albert Einstein Society provides grants of up to $40,000 for ideas that improve patient care by:

  • Beginning or introducing something new
  • Affecting or making changes
  • Doing something in a new or creative way

What If I Get the Grant?
You’ll complete your program within a year and report back to the Einstein Society on its success.

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What should new applicants know?

We’ll have training sessions for new grant applicants, so you can learn how to be successful. Also, collaboration is encouraged—whether it’s with different Einstein departments and entities or with the local community—so you don’t have to go it alone.

How Do I Apply?
You’ll submit a written grant proposal and present your idea to the Innovative Program Allocation Committee, a group of 50+ administrators, board members, physicians, employees, and community members. Each proposal and presentation is graded by the committee members, who give equal weight to both.

What Goes In the Grant Proposal?

  • Statement of need and program rationale
  • Goals and objectives
  • Project strategy and activities
  • Evaluation plan and process
  • Budget and timeline
  • Explanation of how the project is innovative
  • Explanation of how the project furthers Einstein’s and the Einstein Society’s mission
  • Explanation of how the project will be sustained