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Apply for a Grant

Stimulate clinical or basic research with a grant of up to $35,000.

Introduce creative ways to care for patients with a grant of up to $40,000.

There are two types of Seed Grant funding: Physician Scientist/Early Career Researcher and Quality Improvement. Both types of grants provide fast track funding for resident and fellow projects.

The Einstein Effect
The Innovative Programs and Research Programs funded by the Albert Einstein Society have a far-reaching effect.

  • Programs generate new ideas and improve patient care.
  • The application process is a learning tool for extramural funding.
  • Results may provide the pilot data for future grant opportunities.
  • Projects may become the seed for permanent, fully-funded programs.

Genius Projects

Awarded through a competitive grant process, funds are allocated to Einstein physicians, nurses and staff to explore new ideas in the laboratory, the hospital, and the community. Through their work, we’re discovering better, more intelligent ways to care for our patients.

Genius Supporters

These are some of the people who help make it happen. Whether they give six figures or a dollar per pay period, these are the real heroes of the Albert Einstein Society.

Bob. Debra. Linda. Tom. Bill.

If you share our vision, we invite you to join us today