The Einstein Healthcare Network advocates at the federal, state and local levels on important issues regarding access to healthcare, healthcare financing, medical education, clinical and medical research, bioscience, community health and other areas of interest to the network and the communities it serves.

Einstein provides more than $4 million annually in charity care to uninsured and underinsured individuals. With the assistance of external partners, influence and funding, Einstein also provides needed community service programming to promote healthy lifestyle choices, good nutrition, disease prevention and access to healthcare services.

Einstein supports healthcare reform and was a leader in supporting the Affordable Care Act of 2010 which provides Americans with more freedom in their healthcare choices and is helping the people we serve. 
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Would you like to help us in our advocacy efforts?  Would you be willing to contact your local, state and/or federal representative and voice your opinion on pending legislation?  You can Take Action Now and your message will be delivered directly to your representatives.  Every voice counts.

Einstein continues to advocate for improved access to healthcare and promotes community health, including:

  • Healthcare Policy & Regulation:  Einstein representatives meet frequently with federal, state and local legislators and agencies to stay informed on changing policies and regulations that affect what we do, and to make sure they are aware of our patient and community interests and expertise.  
  • Maternity Care:  Einstein is one of only a handful of hospitals still delivering babies in Philadelphia.  Since 1997 the number of hospitals providing this service has decreased from 19 to 6. Our board and CEO remain committed to providing this invaluable community service, while so many others no longer do so because of financial constraints.
  • Interpreter Services:  On any given day, Einstein treats patients that speak one of 60 different languages, including American Sign Language. The most common being Korean, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Cambodian. During an average month Einstein provides interpretive services for 1,000 or more families.  
  • Helping Patients Navigate Healthcare Services:  Decisions regarding treatment, insurance, and employment along with family and financial needs can be overwhelming to a patient who is also dealing with the emotional aspects of his or her diagnosis. At Einstein, our Patient Navigators, just like a GPS, guide patients with chronic conditions through unfamiliar territory by providing one-on-one instruction for each patient, walking them through the sequence of their follow-up care, and ensuring they have all of their needed prescriptions and the means to get them filled.  
  • Genetic Screening & Education: The mission of Einstein’s Victor Centers for Jewish Genetic Diseases is to ensure ongoing access to comprehensive genetic education, screening and counseling.

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