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A Gift That Transcends Generations

A Gift That Transcends Generations

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Roland Lucas Jr. grew up watching his father, Roland Dubois Lucas, MD, care for his patients in the private practice he managed out of his Germantown home.

“My father was the classic neighborhood physician in a time when family practice physicians had offices in their homes, made house calls, and were on call 24/7,” recalls Lucas. “In today’s healthcare environment, that model is no longer practical. However, the personal relationships physicians and their office staff developed with their patients during that era are still relevant today.” 

Roland Lucas Jr. has partnered with Einstein Healthcare Network to ensure the legacy of personalized healthcare left by his father and so many neighborhood physicians transitions to the 21st century.

In the modern healthcare environment, medical assistants play an increasingly important role in patient care. Medical assistants often serve as the face of the practice, collecting vital signs and medical histories, facilitating prescription refills, and preparing and performing basic laboratory tests. These professionals need to be skilled to handle clinical and administrative responsibilities within the practice, but most importantly, they need to help patients feel comfortable.

Inspired by his father’s legacy, Roland Lucas Jr. made a gift six years ago to establish the Roland Dubois Lucas, MD Medical Assistant Clinical Training Program. The program provides currently practicing medical assistants with the opportunity to enhance their skills while providing the support necessary to care for patients with the same confidence and compassion Roland’s father so passionately exhibited.

Recently, Roland has chosen to expand the impact of the Roland Dubois Lucas, MD Medical Assistant Clinical Training Program with a planned gift. Through a Charitable Gift Annuity, Roland could make a larger gift than he initially thought possible. Roland’s gift allows him to provide for the current expenses of the program, as well as its future needs.

“Because I was able to put forth my contribution, Einstein was able to see to my needs by offering me a quarterly check that I can use as I see fit.” However, for Lucas the charitable gift annuity represents a deeper relationship with Einstein “It’s not the amount of the gift, it’s the idea that Einstein has been so thoughtful to consider my needs. I do accept their thoughtfulness with much gratitude.” 

While reflecting on his relationship with Einstein over the years, Lucas shares, “When you give to Einstein, you are allowing your dollars to go to good use. They have been able to offer a program that allows me to give back to the community while looking after my own needs. You can make a gift to Einstein and designate to a specific purpose. You can rest assured that your dollars will have an impact.”

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