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2018 Basket Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Basket Raffle Winners!

Proceeds from this year’s Basket Raffle will fund Baby Boxes for new mothers. A portable box consisting of a firm foam mattress, a tight fitted sheet, and educational materials such as an immunization record, community resources about parenting and breastfeeding, as well as newborn items assisting parents in their transition home.

And the winners are…

  • Alexa, What Should We Call This Basket? – Beth Smith
  • Lego & Land Yourself a Basket – Patricia Pierson
  • Live, Laugh and Workout – Michael MacLeod
  • Lottery Dreams Can Come True – Donna Pietrafesa
  • A Night In and Out – Wind Pham-Paci
  • A Trip Through Wine Country – AnnaMarie Castaneda
  • Life’s a Beach – Maria Hall
  • Health Nut – Maureen Brandi
  • Hello Fresh and Healthy! – Cathy Byrne
  • Philly Sports Extravaganza – Sharon Biermann
  • Must Love Dogs – Nicole Soleta
  • Pampered Pooch – Connor Czincila
  • The Pampered Nurse – Aurura Capone Soll
  • Taste the Rainbow – Hassal Pembleton
  • Spirit Survival Kit – Tom Gaylets
  • The Ultimate Getaway – Mimi Butler
  • Fore! – Rich Mariner
  • Clear Liquids – Fran Gress
  • Think Spring – Patrice Juliani
  • Shimmer & Shop – Venus McHugh

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